1. The  Catalogs Company is an information service.

2. The Catalogs Company  does not mail you any catalogs or information packets.

3. The Catalogs company  sells the contact information of the companies described within the Catalog of  Catalogs.

4. Companies that offer  catalogs or information packets will send them to you directly, but you must  contact them first.

5. Be sure that the  information that you are ordering is the information that you want.

6. All sales are final  and there are no refunds.

7. If by chance the  contact information has expired do to a company relocation, etc.

Send an email with the item  number and company name and you will receive the new address of the company.

8. If the company cannot  be located you will receive a replacement contact or you can choose another from  the Catalog of Catalog

9. If for some reason the wrong information was sent or the system didn't supply you the right link,

go to the contact page and send the information that was given and the number of the information you required and I will send you the right information.